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I'm Jess.
She/her. Bisexual. Sephardic Jew. Intersectional Feminist. Mad poet. Casual fangirl. Lifestyle blogger. Aries Sun/ Scropio Moon. In a relationship. Lives in Southern California.

I  like elephants, writing, collaging, science fiction, riddles, lucid dreams, Halloween, found art, roller coasters, full moons, themed parties, comic books, sunlandia, paint on skin, whiskey, folklore, bedroom dancing, magical realism, midnight movies, little green men, and making my own luck.

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I feel nothing
I feel everything.
I don’t know which is worse.
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#and I just don’t feel entitled to someone else’s life’s work.

That comment exactly!! It’s not mine and I can survive without it, so I will.

This is why honey is not vegan.

The problem here is that honey, especially if you buy it ethically from an apiarist, isn’t actually detrimental to the well-being of the bee or the hive. In the wild, honey is used as a food stock, but in a domesticated honeybee colony, the bees are fed quite well, and so the honey is a surplus.

The alternatives, like sugar, relies on monocrops in third world countries, with transient labour. Growing up, there was a sugarcane field by my house, and I’m sure the Haitian men who worked backbreaking hours hacking a machete through knife-bladed leaves in 40 degree heat for a couple dollars a day would have traded a testicle to be a Canadian honeybee. Stevia’s going the same way, iirc.

Additionally, apiarists are actually huge proponents and activists for sustainable bee-keeping, and it’s estimated that the domesticated hive may be the last great hope for declining populations, because we can optimize their chances for survival.

It’s their life’s work, sure, but it’s not the death of them to use it responsibly.

literally read anything about the history of sugarcane and the cuban sugar industry if you think sugar is or ever has been more ethical than honey

'someone else's life work'

white ppl will recognize a fucking bee’s humanity before actual black and brown human beings.

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muji spice book

Traveling with your spice rack is not ideal. This is why Japanese company, Muji, has made a book of spices to make flavoring your food while away from home a little bit easier.

This book from Muji is full of pages that are made of spiced paper, which dissolve from the heat and moisture of cooking. Now that kick of white pepper or red chili is just a tear away. And, since it is compact and perfectly portable, the Muji spice book is ideal for when you’re traveling!

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