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I'm Jess.
She/her. Bisexual. Sephardic Jew. Intersectional Feminist. Mad poet. Casual fangirl. Lifestyle blogger. Aries Sun/ Scropio Moon. In a relationship. Lives in Southern California.

I  like elephants, writing, collaging, science fiction, riddles, lucid dreams, Halloween, found art, roller coasters, full moons, themed parties, comic books, sunlandia, paint on skin, whiskey, folklore, bedroom dancing, magical realism, midnight movies, little green men, and making my own luck.

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"The inextricable relationships in our lives that are neither accidental nor somehow in our control, either."


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A poem begins with a lump in the throat; a homesickness or a love sickness. It is a reaching-out toward expression; an effort to find fulfillment. A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
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Last one. ❤️ #universalstudios

Oh, and this is me at the #kwikemart #thesimpsons #universalstudios

The tram tour of the back lot and stuff was probably my favorite part. #universal #hollywood

If I could describe #universalstudios in one sentence it would be: lots of fire and lots of water. #waterworld

Good job, #universalstudios . I’m impressed. #thesimpsons #bort #kwikemart

Me and my pal #alfredhitchcock #universalstudios

#universalstudios #hollywood

Worn out. #cats